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We are pleased to offer our incredibly popular holiday pack in three variations this year.  Please select the package you purchased to learn more about the wines it contains. 

Our "Around the World in Wines" and "Take a Wine Adventure" wine multi-packs are the holiday perfect gift for yourself or the wine lovers in your life.

A Costco exclusive, these unique items each contain half-bottles of wine (375 ml of wine per bottle). Depending on the pack you purchase you will receive either 12 or 24 bottles.  With this many wines to sample, you'll be sure to maintain your holiday spirit all season long.

Open a new bottle each day to discover a new wine from one of the world's wine regions. Each bottle has been carefully selected from a renowned appellation.

Pick up your 2023 "Around the World in Wines" and "Take a Wine Adventure" boxes exclusively at a Costco near you. 

Please Note: The 2023 "Around the World in Wines" and "Take a Wine Adventure" boxes should be in most Costco stores in September. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to provide in-store dates by store nor the ability to direct consumers to locations that still have inventory available.  Please contact your local Costco store for more information.


"Around the World in Wines" and "Take A Wine Adventure" were created by Flying Blue Imports.  At Flying Blue, we work each day with one purpose in mind, to make quality wines of the world financially accessible to American consumers.  We source wines from small farmers and then produce, bottle and market them under our own labels.​

Flying Blue brands allow you to experience the characteristic taste of the world's wine regions and their grapes, without having to incur the expense of estate-bottled wines.​  We carefully select our wines from prestigious appellations to discover the "little gems" that our customers have come to enjoy.

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